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Everlasting Spring
Silver, Paper
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My collection Everlasting Spring is inspired by the beauty of the ancient Greek woman, combined with the Queen of flowers, the Netherlands, where I have been living the past years.
Like life itself, the “Everlasting Spring” collection is made of consecutive circles of paper, each containing a unique flower.

I experimented with paper for the first time and created colorful jewelry based on flowers that decorate and scent the air forever.

I was born in Hania-Crete in 1981.I live and work between Athens and The Netherlands.I followed Applied Art major in High School and in 2003 I graduated from the Mokume School of Higher Education where I studied design and crafting of handmade and productive jewellery.

Since 2004 I have participated in group exhibitions: at Mokume School, in Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum, in Eastpack Artist Studio, Contemporary Greek Jewelry-The BarKing Cat Brussels, Sieraad Art Fair, international jewellery fair 2017, Munich Jewellery Week 2018, "Design For Growth" at Technopolis City of Athens 2019 and "Eloquence of paper jewelry" exhibition which travels to Switzerland, Madrid, Barcelona and The Netherlands 2018-2019.

I have worked in jewellery studios as a designer and artisan.Since 2015 I run my own studio, Evzo, where I create jewellery made of silver, gold, copper, mineral stones, synthetic materials.