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YongoHo Park
Moonlight II"

(Shipping, tax, and service quoted by Seller)
Republic of Korea
100 x 100cm
Mixed Media

Stainless steel on wood panel 

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d | a | concepts’ mission is to present opportunities for artists and designers to exhibit and put forward their unique expression, to find platforms for exposure, and broker sales for the emerging artist and/ or designer, all the while creating bridges towards collectors.

d | a | concepts’ mission is, to enable these connections, all the while honoring the artist/designer and their work, thereby freeing the creator from exploitation.

d | a | concepts’ strives to carefully construct sustainable, win -win agreements with artists/ or designers and collectors. Our expertise rests in the fact that we do not see artists and designers as a vehicle of exploitation – the current trend in both industries, instead we will ensure that creativity is always protected. We will enable these bridges through the different methods of exposure and by connecting creators with collectors.

d | a | concepts, provides a modern, efficient platform whereby emerging and established artists and designers can express and exhibit their work to a wide, qualified audience of galleries, collectors and institutions. Our primary objective is to protect the artist’s integrity and vision while securing reasonable compensation for their creative assets.


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