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CAO JEWELRY /Covadonga de Viedma

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5 x 6cm

Brooch made in bronze with lost wax.

This type of Viking brooch is part of the accessories used during the first century by many of the Nordic women, specifically those who lived in what is now Denmark. It was used to close mainly the thick fabrics as a layer that they used in the cold.

I have been found in many viking archeological vestiges of the country, dating from 600 to 900 AD.

His name is honor to Harald Blåtand (blue tooth), son of Gorm, the old man and Thyra, last kings of the Danish Viking dynasty.

by Covadonga de Viedma

CAO JEWELRY was born as an extension of my creative process as an artist. Painting led me to sculpture, sculpture to object art, and art to jewelry. And they all coexist together and they bear fruit day by day.

You will realize that my jewelry work is closely linked to figuration and that I have a special interest in concepts and volume. All my jewelry says something, tells a story or has a meaning.

My designs and my inspiration have to do with my experiences, my experiences, the different countries in which I have lived and the cultures with which I have related. My work has a versatile imprint, at the same time that it is free, authentic, and has a very large part of my personality.

The fundamental technique of my jewelry is the "lost wax casting", a very old sculptural process from the 3rd century BC; and that keeps me attached to the sculpture, and makes my works, small portable sculptures that can be used.

The basic materials that I use mainly are bronze, brass and silver. Incorporating natural semiprecious stones, cultured pearls and crystals. All my pieces are elaborated manually and each one has its "perfection in its own imperfection", since they are handmade and that precisely gives them my personal stamp.

The most important denominator of my jewelry concept is the emotion, passion and dedication and affection that I put into each of my works.

    Individual Exhibitions

    • Corazón ya no me quieras tanto. Casa de la Cultura, Asturias, España 2017
    • Recopilatorio. Galería Vez de Viedma. Gijón, Spain/ 2002
    • Revelation. The four living creatures. Ixcateopan Gallery, House of Culture Acapulco, México 2000
    • Apocalipsis Pinacoteca University of Guerrero, Chilpancingo, México/1999
    • Revelation San Juan. Samuel Menache Art Gallery, Mexico City, México / 1998 
    • Triptych" Gallery Ixcateopan, Casa de la Cultura Acapulco, México / 1997
    • Muralidades Art Center Brisas Marques, Acapulco, México / 1996
    • La Covacha. Shopping Center Plaza Bahía, Acapulco, México/1995
    • Pa la Costa. Dolores Olmedo Art Gallery, México/1995\

    Collective Exhibitions​

    • ​Spaced 3: North by Southeast, Art Gallery WA, Australian 2018-2019
    • Arte y realidad, Casa de la Cultura Cangas de Onís, Asturias,España 2017
    • Bronze sculpture in the Museum Kristen Kjaers, Frostrup Denmark 2013-14
    • Displays sculpture. Civic Center El Llano UP, Gijón, Spain 2012
    • A vuelo de pájaro. Pinacoteca UAG, Chilpancingo, Mexico / 2001
    • Saturday Bazaar, San Angel, Ciudad de México / 1998
    • Art Bazaar Sulivan, Ciudad de México / 1998
    • Portraits and self-portraits. Gallery Ixcateopan, Acapulco, México / 1998
    • Acapulco. Cultural and Convention Center, Acapulco, México / 1998
    • Living Art. La Gran Plaza, Acapulco, México / 1997
    • The framers. Garden of Puerto, Acapulco, México / 1997
    • Warrior. Plaza Loreto, Museo Soumaya, Ciudad de México,/ 1997
    • Day of the Dead Offering. Convention Center, Acapulco, México / 1997
    • Auction. Gallery Zulema Rodriguez, Acapulco, México / 1996
    • Women. Sala Dolores Olmedo, CIA, Acapulco, México / 1996
    • Angels and archangels. Museum Fuerte de San Diego, México / 1995
    • In arsis. Casa de la Cultura, Acapulco, México / 1995
    • Devotions.  Fuerte de San Diego, Acapulco, México / 1994
    • 1st art show Acapulco. Convention Center, Acapulco, México / 1994
    • Tropical Contrast. Cultural Center Acapulco, México / 1993


      • El muro de Sololoi. Cinema 5, Surfase 90m2 mural on the history of cinema, Acapulco, Mexico / 1997
      • Replicas of the work of Gustav Klimt in private houses Acapulco/ 2000-2002
      • Replicas of Roy Lichtenstein, in private houses Acapulco on various surfaces / 1998-2001
      • Replicas of Raffaello, fresco art imitation 1999
      • Children's murals. Mercaplana. Gijón, Spain 2009/2010

      CAO JEWELRY by Covadonga de Viedma

          • Linea de joyería artística/ artistic jewelry line, 2018.


      • Workshop papircollage. Deborah Kelly,Kristen Kjaer Museum, Denmark  2017
      • Workshop felting. Elisa Hendriks,  Kristen Kjaer Museum, Denmark 2017
      • Bronze workshop.  Zoran Luka. Kristen Kjaer Museum ( 2013, 2014, 2015, Frostrup, Denmark)
      • Three Dimension, Ceramic and Art Theory Workshop.  Emidio Galassi. International University. (2012 Gijón, Spain)
      • Sculpture workshop and molds. Javier Moreta. Labour University (2011, Gijón, Spain)
      • Sculpture Workshop an ceramic. Tony Soriano. Popular University. (2005/2011/2012 Gijón, Spain)
      • Printmaking workshop, Popular University, Gijón, Spain (2002)
      • Models and murals, National Institute of Fine Arts, El Nigromante (1993, San Miguel de Allende, México)
      • Plasticity Arts. "National Fine Arts Institute INBA" (1993 San Miguel de Allende, México)
      • Workshop. Keith Keller (1993, San Miguel de Allende, México)