Mattia Paoli

Mattia Paoli

I am an artist from Florence, Italy. I work in the artistic field from many years. Painting is an essential part of my life since I was a child. I am a creative: I’ve tested various techniques and I never stop researching and having practice. I often take part to artistic contests and exhibitions. Furthermore I am an active member of “Amici di Gadarte” Association, an important Art Gallery settled in Florence.

After graduating in Design, I work in the fashion business as Accessories Designer within Chanel Collections. Everyday, I create and design innovative aesthetic solutions for my projects, searching for those meanings that define “contemporaneity” among symbols, history and pictures.


I'm Mattia Paoli and I'm a creative artist: I've tested various techniques and I never stop researching and having practice.

“Traces in Time” is both an instinctive and an analytical path, through which it is possible to analyse the composition and decomposition of matter due to the unstoppable passing of Time. Artist’s instinct excites his curiosity. It turns the initial desire of the artist into the need to break up, to see beyond, to explore the matter in order to grasp all its different meanings and aspects. The under-layer caos, complex and never univocal, make the artist experience a feeling of admiration and shock. In order to express these feelings, the artist has to look for unknown meanings and constantly changing ideas. Afterwards, it follows the rationalisation, the geometric structure attempting to contain the relentless steam of ideas and the Eraclitian succession of the “logoi”. This alchemy generates a chromatic explosion, with polymers, yarns and metals from which cascades of paint flow.

Gold, white and black dominate the scene, as primordial antithesis with ancient origins. They are spaced out by a bright light, which represents the infinite. Eternity is also materialised through the “plastics” of paintings and sculptures, symbols of the time. They seem to almost merge and become an indissoluble element of the surrounding environment.

“Traces in Time” is not only a series of artworks but also a tool to observe the polyvalence of reality by multiple points of view. It allows to start from the individual experience of the artist, who “shatters” all instruments he has in order to create artworks reproducing the eternity of moments as microcosms protected by plastic membranes and trapped in repetitive signs. Then, the experience becomes a purely subjective, personal and reflective path.

“Traces in Time” contains unpublished artworks and the first artworks of the artist. He realised them by using wheels and circular objects that, dipped in paint, let him draw signs similar to irregular road surfaces. These traces are that “spontaneous gesture” to go out from the routine and turns itself into a work of art, breaking the cyclical nature of everyday life in an attempt to pursue the fleeting eternity of time.

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Acrylic colors, plaster glue, plastic wire and 3D PLA ..


Acrylic colors, plaster glue, metal wire and color spray ..

Porthole 2

Acrylic and water colors on canvas ..

Porthole 3

Acrylic and water colors on canvas ..
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