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#streetview by Popeye loves Olive

#streetview is a project that was supposed to be shown in Schmuck 2020. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition was cancelled and it will be presented at Popeye loves Olive Art Space during Athens Jewelry Week 2020 festival.

Saturday 14/11 @ 20.00 + Live Zoom at www.athensjewelryweek.com

Throughout the years Athenas Street has been the market where the western world met the world of the East. It mutated from glorious with its merchants’ residencies, to a ghetto of workers, petty traders, prostitutes, and criminals as a constant battlefield. 
In contradiction to that, it was named after the goddess Athena, a beloved deity of the ancient Greeks, the personification of wisdom, knowledge, and art.
It connects the Monastiraki area (the way to ascend the sacred hill of Acropolis) with Omonia Square (the heart of the city) and is one of the main streets of Athens.

Popeye loves Olive has invited 17 artists, to comment on how history prevails and how daily life has changed over the centuries, by selecting their materials from this particular street and by creating a community through social media to exchange their inspirational seeds, photos, and stories.

For more info concerning the process, visit FB Group: 
#streetview by Popeye loves Olive @ AJW2020


Aliki Stroumpouli
Anna Vlahos
Angelos Konstantakatos
Antria Prasinou
Constantinos Papadoukas
Elli Xippa
Erato Kouloubi
George Giannoutsos
Lily Kanellopoulou
Maria Cepissakova
Maria Tsimpiskaki
Marina Zachou
Niki Stylianou
Vasia Pachi
Xenia Deimezi
Yakinthi Oikonomou
Yiota Vogli