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Ioanna Karakosta
Frida Kahlo

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13 x 9cm
Beads, Thread, Fabric

Portrait of Frida Kahlo using natural black silken thread and gold thread for background.

Born in Thessaloniki (1962).I started working as a textile designer from the age of 15, since i followed my father's footsteps.My first introduction with micro-weaving was 2,5 years ago when i attended lessons with my tutor Natassa Fokianidou and fell in love with it.

My 40year experience from my profession combined with this new knowledge resulted in creating accurate portraits of famous people and other patterns as well.

On April 2019 i took part in Lamamart exhibition held in Piraeus bank conventional center.

On December 25 2020 Mrs. Esra Ekinci who is lecturer at the craft section of Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey, included my work on her international article KİLİM DOKUMA GELENEĞİNİN TAKI SANATINDA YORUMLANMASI ÜZERİNE BİR ÇALIŞMA at