Enjoiat Awards 2021

22/Sep/2021 - 24/Oct/2021
Youjin Um

Meet the Artist

17/Sep/2021 - 10/Oct/2021
Cube Gallery

Urban Impressions

11/Jun/2021 - 03/Jul/2021
Cube Gallery

Painful Hope

12/Dec/2020 - 13/Feb/2021
Youjin Um


14/Nov/2020 - 14/Nov/2020
Popeye Loves Olive

Distinct District

12/May/2020 - 13/Jun/2020
Cube Gallery

Once Upon a Time

13/Dec/2019 - 11/Jan/2020
Cube Gallery

The Other Wind

08/Nov/2019 - 07/Dec/2019
Cube Gallery

24th Art Athina

15/Sep/2019 - 16/Sep/2019
Iosifina Kosma

In | Out of the Box

05/Sep/2019 - 28/Sep/2019
Cube Gallery

Tender is the Night

05/Jul/2019 - 31/Aug/2019
Cube Gallery


31/May/2019 - 29/Jun/2019
Cube Gallery


18/Apr/2019 - 25/May/2019
Cube Gallery

love letters

12/Apr/2019 - 28/Sep/2021
Cube Gallery

l...as love

21/Mar/2019 - 13/Apr/2019
Cube Gallery

Traces of Escape

18/Jan/2019 - 16/Feb/2019
Cube Gallery