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Kinga Huber
Pointing at each other

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6 x 2cm

Silver, gold plated, leather

Sensless Roles

My pieces reflect to the chosen or given roles of women. Lipjewellery and fingerjewellery - which can not be worn in any usual way - fulfill the functions of traditional jewellery while being barriers, hindering one’s free actions. Just like an ornamental burqa, or gold plated cuffs, which express the privileges as well as the subservience and dependence of its wearer.

Kinga Huber is a Hungarian born designer and artist. Living and working between Hungary and the UK. With a curious mind, growing up immersed in art and literature, surrounded by nature. 

This later gave narrative to her work drawing strong emotional ties and connections, triggered by these memories. Tactility is also fundamental to her pieces, incorporating unexpected mediums and playful form. 

Kinga completed her masters at MOME where she was awarded an FISE grant. She went on to design cutlery with this funding achieving international recognition. Parallel to this she spend time working in prop, set and costume design for film and commercials in bigger productions. Her extensive material knowledge and understanding was gained during this period. 

She ran her jewellery practice alongside this, continuing to exhibit both solo shows and as part of a collective. She is one of the founders of Jewellery Night Budapest, which continues to grow year on year. Her work is ever evolving bringing to surface the obscure and absurd in a humorous manner. 

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