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  • 12 . 05 . 2020

What is the meaning of art jewelry? 

Contemporary art has a scene which is overseen but should definitely not be. Art Jewelry has been characterized as a subculture, an embodiment of communication, cultural indicator, means of self expression and artistic body decoration. A worn and carried history. 

Jewelry is not only aesthetically pleasing. It is a revolutionary act both by its creator and also by the person who chooses to wear it.

The content of the artwork’s message will be heavy. The message will be strong. From the idea behind the artwork to all the subtle techniques involved, you eventually get a well narrated story. 


Art Jewelry & The Body: Why is Jewelry so Important?

Today we talk about the body a lot.  What it can do,  and why it is needed to take care of it. The way it embodies experiences. It is therefore also needed to create more art that is..actually embodied. Jewelry can do that. 

In this era we talk a lot about body positivity. It goes beyond sizes and shapes and touches the body experience itself. The science of anatomy, the funky movements it can do and how it changes day by day. How it reacts to people and situations. We are giving the body a holistic approach, from the magic that happens inside to its external movements.

People focus now more on the communication done through the body than ever before.

How can we forget that, all this talk about the body is a revolution against not only body negativity, but all the norms, the odds, against everything we knew before? Because at the end of the day, we exist in this world with our body. It’s the vessel that carries us through life, and there is no life without art. 

Let’s not forget that every piece of jewelry is a communicator. It talks history, cultures, experiences, feelings. It’s like a dance performance minimized into a beautiful ring you can wear while moving on stage, pointing your finger to the crowd. It’s like a dialog of all the things you didn’t say but chose to hang around your neck in a necklace. 

Jewelry is our costume for the stage of life, the extension of what we stand for and believe in. It’s our beauty, against all odds.