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"Decay of Time"

Handcrafted brooch from the Collection of "Decay Time", unique, mixed techniques, silver925, copper, bronze, fused silver925 and copper, reticulated., oxidation.

Despoina E. Kalliga
Gemstones Engraver. Designer & Jewellery Maker 
Greek Jewelry Brand "kalligasart"

Despoina Kalliga was born in Istanbul, originated from Cephalonia and since 1972 has been living in Athens.

Since 1991, Despoina Kalliga is working as Visual Artist specializing on Artistic Jewelry. Her father E. Kalligas (Interior Designer/Wood Sculptor) was also her mentor as he was a great inspiration for her creativity and her inclination on work of art. 1993 - 2011 , Despoina Kalliga worked as an Art Teacher at Schools of Vocational Education and Training as well as at Creative Work Workshops. 

She also worked as an occupational Therapist in Psychiatric Health Center (1996-1998). Ever since I was a child, I have loved observing nature, losing myself, travelling and stealing nature form in order to create my own. Designing, painting and expressing, were my ways of living... "" d.k In 1984, Despoina Kalliga attended Workshops next to Worthy Teachers in Weaving,Tapestry, Painting, "Fresco" techniques - Naif Art by D.A.Kostopoulos. (Ε.Ο.Μ.Μ.Ε.Χ). Sculpture by D. Armakolas. 

She also enhanced her knowledge on Puppet/Theatrical Mask Creation, Directing and Scenography o Puppet Show. Despoina Kalliga also was member of UNIMA HELLAS and participated in Doll/Puppet Exhibitions.

In 1989, she enhanced her skills on Metalworking, symbol of Civilization and History, fascinated by the fact that it is not only a technique but an Art as well because it involves movement, dynamism, nature, decorating and living forever.

After attending to Metalworking workshops offered by Benaki Museum, she expanded on business property, attending Jewelry Design, Metalsmithing, Traditional Techniques of Handmade Jewelry, the Ancient techniques of Micro-sculpture "Lost Wax", Repousse by Ε.Ο.Μ.Μ.Ε.Χ . Gemology, Glyptography, Engravement of gemstones, bone and horns by Professor KIEL-LABRINIDI.

She completed her studies on metalsmith at SILVERHUB STUDIOS (Edinburgh). She fell in love with Metal and Fire.....her jewelry is unique and thus is not repeated, expressing her psyche, joy, sorrow. She applies traditional and modern mixed techniques and creates her own forms, giving them shapes which are often random, driven by the imagination of the woman that they adorn.

In 1999 she participated in ERT1/TV Art Broadcasts

Despoina Kalliga participates in Group and Individual Exhibitions in Greece and Abroad. She collaborates with Greek Galleries (Athens, Paros, Rhodes) and abroad (France,, Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam).

Despoina Kalliga's artworks are hosted in selected venues in Greece and Abroad also she created Greek Jewelry Brand "kalligasart". http://www.kalligasart.blogspot.com