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Milky Way

The collection appears as a band of light, formed by seemingly endless curves, reflecting our connection and interdependence with the universe. The jewels follow the pattern of planet movement and depict our spiritual journey, as we put ourselves into orbit in search of wholeness and meaning.

Theodora D is an Αthens-based Greek designer who embraces the originality and the unique expression of individual style. She believes in the aura that each woman showcases when wearing her jewels, in the history that is written on them and which, as a precious baton, can pass from generation to generation. Designs surpassing the transience of trends, inspired by art, movement, life. Jewelry with shapes, volume and contrasts. Elegance, balance, light. A sense of what we feel within and desire to express around us. The things that matter.

Theodora D's creations are inspired by her personal journeys in Greece, Italy, and around the world, and they reference her experiences, studies and practices in fashion, art history and sculpture, and of course her passion for jewelry design and construction. 

Ethical and sustainable practices are essential to the brand Theodora D. Every material is carefully selected, ensuring that it is not harmful to the environment.