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Ground to grow 2

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Ground to grow
Mixed Media

A hand carved piece of polymer clay,setted on brass covered in gold dust and surrounded by brass wires decorated with nylon printed photographs cut in tear shape.Handmade brooch imitating blooming branches and the process of growing and evolving.

An art piece to wear in white and light pink tones...

Marina Zachou begun creating jewelry in 2001 and has been awarded in jewelry contests in Greece and abroad.

She attended jewelry seminars and workshops with Jorge Manilla, Mari Ishikawa, Charon Kransen and Gabriela Cohn.

She has participated in group jewelry exhibitions

  • China. Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition, years 2019-2017-2015-2013
  • Germany. Munich Jewelry Week 2019 and 2018 represented by “Popeye Loves Olive Art Space”    
  • Sweden, ”Ausgezeichnet!most excellent |jewellery_art for heroes” , a collaboration of Chemnitz artist’s association-Militarchistorisches Museum der Bunderswehr- Institute of European Studies of the Chemnitz University , in Wasserschloβ Klaffenbach / Chemnitz, 2016
  • Sweden, “Play for Display” , Gallery “Four” in  Gothenburg 2013
  • USA, “Ashes to Art “ at Art honors life| The gallery at Funeria in  Granton – California 2010
  • France, ”Memymode” fair at “ The Bourse de Commerce”represented by “New Values Gallery” ( Berlin ) 2012
  • Romania, ”Autor”2018 and 2019  as well as  “NOEL” in 2018 and 2019
  • Hungary, ”Controls/ctrl+s” Art Jewelry Night Budapest,in Budapest 2019
  • Spain, ”Joya”2018 represented by  “Popeye Loves Olive” and in 2012 with “Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook” in Saragossa
  • Greece, ”Athens Jewelry Week 2016” and  “Tools”exhibition at TAF in 2010 
  • Portugal, ”Collectiva Meeting 2019” in Porto

She had two solo exhibitions

  • “Aigokeros” gallery in 2004
  • “Koraka”gallery in 2014

Her work has been published in China, USA, Belgium, Spain and Germany and presented in press in Great Britain, Sweden and Greece.

She has worked in jewel companies and jewellery shops as Jewel designer and as jewellery teacher in Holargos municipality, “PLO Studio” and “The Light Factory”

She designs and makes custom jewellery and has collaborations with museum shops-Benaki Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art(EMST) .

Lives and works in Athens.