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Stavros Kotsakis

Price: 250 - 500 €
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Labyra is an abstract geometric light artwork.

As light is diffused through the wooden panel symmetrical labyrinth, a subtle glow is added in the ambience.

The wide frame provides enough stability for the piece to even function as a table lamp.

Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 8 cm. Materials: Wood, acrylic sheet, certified LED light source.

Stavros Kotsakis is an autodidact Greek light artist and luminaire designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He has been driving his own lighting design studio named Studio Lampent since 2011.

With the purpose to explore the endless adventures of light while interacting with fascinating materials, Stavros is designing a series of exclusive handcrafted luminaires which can add a genuine warmth and character to an interior.

Stavros has made two solo exhibitions in Greece and Sweden and has also participated in several art/design flea markets. His lamps have been also featured in Month of Design festival (Slovenia), 3 days of design (Copenhagen), and Stockholm Design week.