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Ebru Yuksel
Ring 1517

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'Beauty in Imperfection' line

925 silver, ring, rhodium & gold plated

Istanbul based jewelry designer & maker.

Brand 'Style & Soul'

Quitting professional life in 2015, as being an export marketing manager with 15 years of experience, I attended in workshops of traditional silversmithing, filigree, wax modelling and lost wax techniques. After a long formal life in everyday rush and consumption in huge amounts, being creative and productive was a freedom of feelings. During the production of one-of-a kind handmade pieces, time stands still in the presence of flame and patience is a must. You just have to stop in the rush and watch the metal flowing as if it is dancing with the flame. It was such a therapy at the beginning. In the process of time, I realized that I love to play with the flame and create unique freeforms, integrating my soul into what I have been making.       

In the last 2 years, I have been more involved in contemporary jewelry, because the approach in contemporary jewelry gives the maker a freedom of creativity by using different materials and techniques, which is never boring. And the people nowadays are more looking for arty handmade unique pieces that reflect their taste and soul in life. Contemporary jewelry would give them what they want in a stylish way and the art in making feeds the concept.

My motto is if a piece is not necessarily made by hand, then do not make it. Means I love unusual, handmade, modern pieces. That is why I am using a combination of different techniques to obtain porous, irregular surfaces on the metal with asymmetrical shapes. I love such freeforms and each time I am so excited to see an unique piece sculpted but still with surprises. With the same reason I have been using raw gemstones; irregular and asymmetrical.
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