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Crawling in the deep

Collection: Crawling in the deep

Tights, glue, bronze, steel.

I was born in Egypt at 1945 from greek parents, and years later my family moved at  Montevideo in Uruguay.

Jewelry was not the starting point of my  career.

For many years I was designing and making oversized clothes, comfortable and airy. When I felt as if I had walked a full circle in that field, I stopped. 

It was then that I decided to try my creativity in jewelry making.

I started working with metal but later I researched different materials too.

I like to work with my hands, to create, transform my thoughts and my emotions into objects, wearable or not. 

Maybe this is the main reason why I fell in love with art jewelry. It does not restrict me on the contrary it gives me  the freedom to do whatever I feel like, whatever I desire, I can give it the meaning I chose to, even if it looks ugly, are all things surrounding us beautiful anyway?

I particpate in many exhibitions in Greece and all over the world.

AJW 2019:Materia award. 

AJW 2018:Alchemia's school award 2018

AJW:Autor award 2018

AJW:Public award 2018