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Christina Karakalpaki

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The Three Moirai

This piece is part of a series of artistic jewellery created for an exhibition on ancient myths. My inspiration was the myth of the “Three Moirai” (3 Fates).

The "Three Moirai" are said to allot each person with a specific merit of life; of time upon this Earth. In Greek Mythology, Fate is personified by the “Three Moirai”, or the “Three Spinners”: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

Materials: leather, acrylic, bronze

Christina Karakalpaki is a jewelry designer based in Athens, Greece. Her architectural studies have given her the technical and aesthetical knowledge to balance skillfully between large and small scale. She has attended several seminars on jewelry design and fabrication, she has participated in Greek and international exhibitions and her work has been featured in many design magazines. Having been active in the jewelry/design world for about fifteen years, she has established collaborations with museum art shops, local jewelry stores, and galleries.