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Christina Athanasoula - Mantzavinou
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Born in Athens by parents from Medieval Greek (Asia Minor).

She studied graphics and photography and edited magazine illustrations, movie posters and company logos.

In 2003, she began experimenting with jewellery as a kind of psychotherapy in her effort to overcome a serious health problem. As confessed, at first it was a purely personal affair.

She started making jewelry which were at first hidden in boxes, until relatives and friends urged her to take the next step and present her work. So she started a visual journey that keeps up to date offering new emotions to herself and to the public, who remains faithful to her creations.

In 2014 she presented her jewelries at the Skoufa Gallery in Athens and in 2016 she participated in the "New Territories" exhibition of the Jewelry Museum "Elias Lalaounis."

She lives and works in Athens. She travels around the world to get acquainted with foreign cultures and discover new materials for her jewelery.