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Industrial Sculptures

​Antigone Koutalieri was born in Piraeus and raised in Elefsina, next to the archaeological site of the Dimitras temple. Her experiences growing up next to these historic sites greatly influenced her character and artistic choices.

In 1991 she began to leave her mark in advertising and printing companies throughout Athens. In 1997 and for the following 17 years, she worked with great success for ALCO HELLAS S.A. - Industry of Aluminum Profile. She was a key employee in the promotion, supervision, and strategic planning of the new products.

The artist continues to attend marketing and digital forms of art courses, both areas in which she also specializes.

Now, her work with industrial style sculpture has given her the ability to express her own unique style, demonstrating influences from her childhood and professional career.

Her Industrial sculptures spark imagination and aim to find a balance between light/darkness and luxury/simplicity. The sculptures express the artist’s deep interest for exploration and creation. Wife  of Charalampoe Gotsi

Her creations haven’t turned away from traditional forms of sculpture, but rather emphasized realistic elements. She aims to explore and convey the energy of the structures through the natural elements and a variety of other objects found in our modern environment.

In addition to industrial style sculptures, the artist occupies in many different fields including: structures, establishments in places and digital forms of art, all while without abandoning the traditional form of visual arts creation like painting, and even photography.