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Vassilis Karakatsanis
Distinct District No9

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100 x 100cm

Genesis gallery opened in early 2010 in Athens, in one of the most prestigious and luxury areas, where museums, galleries, art shops and Embassies are located together with fashion boutiques, designer’s ateliers, sophisticated restaurants and hotels, all of them reflecting the contemporary character and cultural map of the city.

The creative idea for this gallery that was given from Yiorgos Tzaneris, owner and art director of Genesis gallery, was nothing else than the idea that derives from the name that was selected. Genesis gallery is the place that gives birth to the new ideas, the place where sensitive artists may express themselves. It is the meeting place for people who love art. It is the home for artists and their creative ideas to the cultural world.

Focused on representational art, Genesis gallery presents exceptional Greek and Swedish artists. On the same time abstract painting has its own space in Genesis gallery from time to time, while sculpture and ceramic sculptural arts possess their own distinguished position in the gallery.

Genesis gallery follows closely the contemporary Swedish cultural scene and presents regularly Swedish artists with the gracious support of the Swedish Embassy in Greece.

Genesis gallery is an active member of the Greek art galleries association.