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Vassilis Karakatsanis
Distinct District No.31

Price: 250 - 1,000 €
Offered by:
35 x 35cm
Acrylic on canvas, Oil paint on canvas

The Art Cocoon is a curated contemporary art gallery, established in 2015, in Dubai, U.A.E. with a mission to support professional artists and make Fine Art accessible to the ever growing community of art aficionados and collectors around the world. We focus and represent Greek and Cypriot artists, as well showcasing selected contemporary artists from around the world. The gallery features emerging and established artists, with idea-led art practices and strong artistic vision.

Through online activity, participation in international art fairs, and art exhibitions, the gallery achieves global exposure and increased awareness of its artists work. 

The gallery offers one-of-a-kind fine art paintings and sculptures. In addition it offers bespoke services of collection management and art consultation, as well as managing customized art commission requests for corporate and private design projects.

Founded by Natalia Markou, The Art Cocoon gallery is a pioneer in its industry, with a click-and-mortar gallery, where technology is an integral part of its operations, in introducing and connecting, artists and art collectors.

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