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Never standing still earrings

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Original and uniquely designed minimalist earrings in geometric form. Entirely hand made from 925 sterling silver with a superb matte finish.

Approximate earrings size: height 4,4 cm X width 2,4 cm

Inspired by the extraordinary ancient Antikythera mechanism, jewelry designer Anastasia Koutsampela created the Antikythera Collection. She experiments with the universal idea of time, aiming to transform its rigid reference in to an object of art, full of flexibility and semantic interpretation.

The gears featured in this collection, symbolize the motion equating life to evolution and to creation. The gears also represent artistically, the continuous evolving flow of humanity.

Every gear tooth or cog is designed by hand, beginning with a sketch and then it’s shaped and modeled in wax. Afterwards, Anastasia starts to assemble the silver, cutting and bonding together the individual pieces.

Natasa Koutsampela is an eminent attorney at law as well as a passionate Greek artist, always ready to fall in love with a new design project.

  In a digital world where everything is dominated by computers, Anastasia remains faithful to the traditional processes of design, creating jewelry made exclusively by hand.

  Following the ancient art of jewelry casting, in order to transform the initial conception into a unique piece of art jewelry, she designs her inspiration in her sketch book and afterwards she makes each piece exclusively by hand. 

  For Natasa, besides the quality of the craftsmanship worked to a flawless finish, jewelry is a representation of communication and therefore symbolisms have been an integral part of her designs. Her work speaks about the precious fruits of Mother Nature, the achievements of human labor, the universal idea of time and its perpetual flow and finally the endless demand of human contact. 

  Natasa’s work has been featured in the Greek press and group art exhibitions and she has participated in several exhibitions around the world. 

  She is one of the founder of Lefflow Art Studio, her signature brand, inspired by the fact that she is a left handed designer. You can also find her work at her web site: www.lefflow.com




  @ A Jewel Made In Greece



  -A Jewel Made in Greece / & Inspiring International Stories. 6th Annual Designers Meeting 2019.   Zappeion Megaro, Athens, Greece, Feb.2019

 -Trunk Show Summer 2018 with A Jewel Made In Greece, participation to Jewelry  Exhibition at Plaza Resort Hotel, Gallery Akropropo –Spetses, Celestyal Olympia - cruise ship, Divani Apollon Palace & Thallasso - Vouliagmeni, Attiki, Greece.

  -Participation at exhibition "Who’s Next", Paris, France, Jan. 2019

  - Participation at Π3 exhibition / Coordinator : Cheapart-Anticlastics-Ozon at Athens International jewellery Show 2019 / March 2019 (1-4).

  - Participation at Milan Design Week with Artistar jewels - Milan Italy / April 2019.

 - Participation at the exhibition "Fruits and Symbols" at the Nomismatic Museum of Athens / Athens Greece  (23/05 - 31/10/2019).

   -Trunk Show Summer 2019 with A Jewel Made In Greece at Petasos Beach Resort & Spa Mykonos, Plasa Resort Hotel, Gallery Akroproro, Spetses, Oia Tresures Gallery.

  - Participation at New York City Jewelry Week / Museum of Arts and Design / 21- 23 November 2019.

  - Participation at the Exhibition "Fruits * Symbols" at the Greek Pavilion at China International imports Expo 2019/Shanghai - November 2019 (5-10).

  - Participation in exhibition with AJMIG at the Hellas House in Shanghai / Opening day: 6-12-2019.

  - Participation at 7th annual designer's meeting 2020 / A Jewel Made in Greece / The Year of Gold / Zappeion Megaro, Athens / February 2020.

Participation at Romanian Jewelry week (edition 1.0), Bucharest, 22-27/09/2020.



  Awarded (2nd prize), category Solid Metals, @A Jewel Made In Greece competition

  Partisipation at the exhibition "Fruits and Symbols" at the Nomismatic Museum, Athens, Greece (23/05 - 31/10/2019)


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