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Vassiliki Kaspiris

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60 x 60cm

Masks made out of metal wire net.

Ι was born in Patras in the 6O's. I spent my childhood sketching and drawing.
Suspicious towards schooling, while at the same time. I got carried away by real life teachers, like craftsmen. In practice the school I choose to remember, after completing high school, was a factory of carnival constructions. That was the time when my everlasting love for masks was born. 
A while later, I started studing Byzantine Icon painting and techniques. This study gave me the knowledge of many forgotten techniques, mainly polishing gilded surfaces .  After a while I started working as an assistant to painters and scenographers and I created a working place on my own. In the meantime, I had been involved in visual arts  and in  the application of old techniques for the maintenance of objects and furniture.
I use applied arts, such as the gold polishing technique, the stucco technique, the paper masse technique. I work as a sculptor using natural materials such as plaster, paper, wood, gauze, soft wire, aluminum.
I have been working for years with the Benaki Museum.
I make masks, theatrical structures for performances, decorative and usable items.. I occasionally display  my artworks. I have a permanent exhibition of my artworks in my workshop.
I have never stopped searching for old techniques, often forgotten.

I experience art as the ancient language, that connects us to the cosmic history.

This is how I understand why art heals.

I love the techniques of the old craftsmen,because they provide me with the sense of continuity.

I only use natural materials, since as a medium, I am a natural material myself.