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Iosifina Kosma

Price: 1,000 - 2,500 €
Offered by:
30 x 47cm

Stoneware clay

She was born in Athens in 1968


  • 1987-1993    Bachelor in Arts, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • 1988-1991    Courses in ceramics and technology of ceramics materials, YWCA, Athens, Greece
  • 1996-1997    Master of Arts with Merit (Ceramics), Middlesex University, London, UK

Solo exhibitions

  • 2001    `Skoufa’ gallery, Athens,Greece
  • 2006    `Em. Roidis’ hall, Syros, Greece
  • 2018 Genesis Gallery, Athens, Greece

Group exhibitions

  • 1997     ‘New Designers’ exhibition, Business Design Centre, London, UK  ‘Art and Design’ exhibition, Candid gallery, London,UK 39th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens Greece
  • 1998    ‘Epohes’ gallery, Athens Greece 40th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens Greece
  • 1999    41st Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece
  • 2000    ‘Cambridge Contemporary Art’ gallery, Cambridge, UK ‘Epohes’ gallery, Athens, Greece ‘Hoha’ gallery, Athens, Greece
  • 2002    44th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece 6th  Cairo International Biennale of Ceramics, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2003    Its Kale, Castle of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece
  • 2004    1st European Ceramics Competition, Athens, Greece
  • 2008    International Ceramics Exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Pilio, Greece International Ceramics Association Exhibition, Zibo, China
  • 2010    "Human measures",  Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens "Melina" International Ceramics Association Exhibition, Zibo, China International Ceramics Association Exhibition, Qingdao, China 49th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece
  • 2011    International Ceramics Exhibition, Hacettepe University, Ancara, Turkey
  • 2012    Exhibition “Traces of Cermicists”, Patras, Greece International Ceramics Association Exhibition, “Red Earth” gallery Vadodara, India 50th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece
  • 2013    51st Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition,  Athens, Greece
  • 2015    Exhibition “Tora”, Alma Contemporary Art Gallery, Trikala, Greece 53rd Panhellenic Ceramics Competition, Athens, Greece, invited artist Genesis Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
  • 2016    Skoufa Art Gallery, Athens, Greece 2017    Balkan Art Gallery, Xanthi, Greece            13th International Biennial of Ceramics, Manises, Spain

Participation in symposia

  • 2008    International Ceramics Forum, Zibo, China
  • 2009    International Woodfire Festival, Goshogawara, Japan
  • 2010    International Ceramics Forum, Zibo & Qingdao, China
  • 2011    Macsabal Woodfiring Symposium, Hacettepe, University, Ancara, Turkey.
  • 2012    International Ceramics Association Forum, Vadodara, India
  • 2013    International Ceramics Workshop, Kusadasi, Turkey
  • 2014    Woodfire Kiln Building Symposium, Koroni, Greece
  • 2015    Symposium of Byzantine Ceramics, Kardamili, Greece
  • 2016    International Ceramic Art Symposium, Jilin, China  

Work experience

  • 1994-96         Work as an architect in Architectural practices, Athens, Greece
  • 1997-98         Architectural Collaborator of ‘Christian Dior’, Athens, Greece
  • 1999-01         Ceramics teaching at the ‘Campus Arts and Sciences’ College, Athens, Greece
  • 2001-03         Ceramics teaching at the Fine Arts studio of the Municipal Cultural Centre of Ioannina, Greece
  • 2007-today   Ceramics teaching at her studio, Athens, Greece  


  • 2010    2nd award, 49th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece Gold Medal, International Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Qingdao, China  

Participation in societies

  • 1996    Member of the Panhellenic Ceramists & Potters Association
  • 1999    Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.
  • 2008    Member of the International Ceramics Association
  • 2017    Member of the International Academy of Ceramics   Presence in Museums and Collections Gallery of Greek Contemporary Art of C. & S. Moschandreou, Messologi, Greece Li Zi Yuan Ceramic Art Museum, Zibo, China Qingdao Art Museum, China
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