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Angelos Konstantakatos
Looking inward

Price: under 250 €

Seaweed (posidonia oceanica), resin, color, flax cord

As an architect, it was not often that I got to apply my “visions” in designing and constructing new building projects... Fortunately, I became familiar with the techniques and materials of many construction professions which I combined in jewelry creating processes, to simply conclude that everything is possible... 

Angelos Konstantakatos Interview (2020)

Jewelry for me is something that adorns the wearer from within. Adorns (her / him) not because the jewel is beautiful, but because the person who wears it feels beautiful!

Contemporary jewelry for me is the end product of a practice that ignores rules, images, types, materials and traditions.

I think that the jewelry must be as unique as the person who rejoices it !