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  • 05 . 02 . 2020



Viktoria Koestler (Germany) explores cultural differences and personal narratives through the visual and olfactory quality of everyday materials.The Zurich-based artist, who studied psychology and marketing, turned to painting, because she understands art as a basic communication language. Her work focuses on simple gestures that express - through color, shape and material - the distinctiveness or the trademark of a culture.

With materials such as food, herbs, spices, sweets or burnt paper, Koestler creates "sculptural paintings". Each work smells like the material depicted! Thus scents encourage the viewer to reflect on his personal memories and feelings associated with a particular culture. It is scientifically proven that smell enhances memory. 
In her own words: "Through my work, I invite the viewer to embrace our differences and our shared cultural heritage. Every work focuses on topics, habits, objects or products that are important for the culture of a country. For example, the caviar symbolizes the Russian culture (my ancestors come from this country) and through this piece I question the over-consumption of luxury delicacies."

In her solo show "Not So Different", Koestler will present paintings that reflect her imagination ofGreece and her experience in Athens. Each work is supplemented by a text that contains a personal story - and the cultural context of the artwork.

OPENING:  Wednesday 5 February,  2 - 7 p.m. 
EXHIBITION:  Thu 6 - Sat 8 February,  12 - 7 p.m.   
PLACE:  Efi Kazantzi, Agiou Dimitriou 30, 10554 Athens (Psyrri)