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  • 30 . 03 . 2020

We all know it – all businesses today are found online. From the social media presence of local shops to online brands, there is a wide variety of examples of how the Internet is playing an important role to making money.

Art business is no different.










Artists are different than the rest of the people in the sense that they are creative, productive and have a unique way of thinking. However, they are also on the same page like other people because they wanna make a living out of their difference; they wanna sell their artworks. 

It is frustrating that hard work and effort don’t bring results. There is one thing to point out here though: Quantity doesn’t mean quality.

Putting hard work in the wrong thing will definitely not be effective. 

Everything today is found online, whether you are a buyer or a seller. From the buyer’s perspective, knowing that what they wanna buy is found online will make them search in the Internet. From the (art) seller’s perspective, knowing that buyers search for stuff online, should make them sell online. Here’s where digital marketing kicks in. 

What is digital marketing and why is it important? 

Digital marketing is, basically, marketing on the Internet with the use of technology. It seems hard to understand for people who are not familiar with technology in general and when it comes to sales, it scares them even more to see that it is a whole new world, where different tools are being used or different marketing techniques. But that doesn’t make it less important. Here’s why:

  1. By putting your work on the Internet you basically save time. Knowing the artist’s psychology, we know that time is crucial because it saves energy for creation. By being online you don’t need to waste your time being around people who don’t interest you and who may not find your work interesting. In the Internet, people search for things they are TRULY interested in by typing specific keywords in the search engine machine (i.e. metal art jewelry, fluid art on canvas etc). 
  2.   From an artist’s perspective, the client needs to be of quality as well. Since every artwork is special for their creator, they wouldn’t want to sell it to someone who doesn’t realy appreciate it, right? Therefore, by being online not only you target the right audience  (through what was mentioned in #1) but also…
  3. can keep in contact with people who are interested in your work and have them engaged. You can build a relationship with them which might turn them into long term customers. Whether it is through email list or social media, they can have access to your products any time and talk to you whenever. That is also time and money saving (you don’t need to travel). That leads us to #4: 
  4.   It is...cheaper.  Whether you choose to pay for advertisement and tools or have another company help you (like faceart) it will definitely come cheaper than traditional marketing which doesn’t bring results either. 
  5.  This concerns more artists of jewelry. Jewelry creators often claim that Internet is not helpful for their business because their artworks need to be worn and felt, therefore requiring personal contact with their client. While this is definitely true, it doesn’t mean that the points 1-5 are not. Because they still wanna sell. And art jewelry in specific is an emerging art field that not many know about or really understand.  

If someone wants to see results from their work, whether they are a shop owner or an artist of whatever kind, they need to treat it like business. And business today is mostly found in the place where you are reading this article: the Internet.