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  • 13 . 04 . 2020

The rise of Internet has revealed a new possibility for the global world: the use of Social Media. 

There are many Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube), each one of them used for different purposes. We all use them daily, mostly for entertainment or in order to communicate with people who live far away from us. 

Of course, during quarantine Social Media has become the main means of communication for everybody. The time we spend online has now increased dramatically. We share images, news, work, personal posts. Generally, we share information.

What is this teaching us?  Why is it important for the art scene?

Imagine the art scene as a big artwork. Like every artwork, it carries a meaning and a purpose. It carries history. In other words, it’s full of information. 

And this information is the message which should be transferred to the people. The problem of “how” can be quickly solved with social media. 

Social media are crucial for artists themselves. Why?

  • They provide a visual sight of their work (especially important for visual artists). The rise of Instagram for example has been a  historical change for the world of art. The works of Yayoi Kusama are a great example as to how the visual nature of social media (or Instagram in specific) can contribute to the art scene.  
  • They help with sharing the information of their art with other people. Not only in the location they live in, but the whole world. 


How is social media changing the world of art?

All the abovely mentioned practice of sharing information today has contributed to one main thing: mutual influence. We share ideas, concepts and values. One artist shares their idea of a concept and this can be inspiring for someone else. This overload of information broadens our perception and can eventually lead to the creation of more art. More diverse art. 

The diversity of art has become a hot topic today and will be the main focus of art historians and culture experts in the future. We notice an intersection between art movements, cultural backgrounds or even different forms of art in one piece. 

Social media presence is a step which every artist hould now take. Being part of this big scene is important not only for increasing sales but also for broadening your horizons for taking your turn to inspire the world with what you have to offer. 

And they are all waiting.