Open Call for Athens Jewelry Week 2019

  • 29 . 03 . 2019

22-29 MΑΥ 2019
Open Call

organized by:

The Anticlastics group invites you to participate in the 4th edition of the event: ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2019

ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK aims through collective action, to promote Contemporary Jewelry both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views, while establishing a dialogue between national and international designer/makers or entities active in the Contemporary Jewelry field.

In particular, it aims to:
– Inform and educate the public on issues related to Contemporary Jewelry as an art form and a means of creative expression.
– Support individual artists and creative groups that are active in this particular field.
– Bring together all interested and collaborative parties/members (artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other institutions promoting the arts and culture etc.) through communication and networking.

The event is organized by the ANTICLASTICS group: Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou. (The ANTICLASTICS group is non-profit).

For more information visit ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2019