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The Message is .....Love!

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Rail Too 360 NE 75th Str Miami fl 33138 | The Little River Arts District

The  message is ….Love!

  Love cannot only be simply a personal, individualistic act, but rather it can be a social force that calls for change through the creation of belonging, empowerment, right relationships and institutional structures. Love can also be a radical political tool, an act of resistance to the dividing and subordinating forces of bigotry, inequality, and oppression. An ethic of love offers us alternative ways of being in the world .Having the courage to love radically and honestly, letting love become the force that disrupts and subverts power and dominance and creates new possibilities for life such as peace, and community can instantly transforms to an art that questions society, addresses everyone, escapes to the exclusive and get us back to a more primordial and direct relation to each other and to the world.

We brought together artist Sarah Zahar, artist & activist Chip Southworth, conceptual artist Rey Zorro and the artist Elias Guerero that all share a unique commitment to create a dialogue with their audience that is current and momentous. These artists have a message, they strive to have their artworks serve as an advocacy to engage viewers into a conversation.

Between Sara Zaher and Chip Southworth’s works there is a juxtaposition in the way their message is being delivered - one blunt through words, one subtle through imagery- Ray Zorro’s work is highly symbolic of the commitment given in love, and lastly Elia’s Guerero work sets a new emotional tone by providing elements of pleasure, aesthetic joy and love through color-field.