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In | Out of the Box
Panagiotis Papadopoulos

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Cube Gallery

Cube Gallery, inaugurates this autumn and hosting Panagiotis Papadopoulos’ first solo exhibition, entitled, In | Out of the Box, in the context of the art platform Fresh Art. Fresh Art, an art platform of Cube Gallery having started its activity in the summer of 2012, aims to present selectively interesting works by young artists who are now starting to take action as professional artists.

Andreas Spyroulias, Archaeologist, PhD Candidate of the University of Ioannina, writes: “In this unity of Panayiotis Papadopoulos’ artworks, entitled In | Out of the Box, we are able, with a glance, to identify his personal style, as it has been shaped during the years. However, the shapes and compositions of the characteristics of the artworks, introduce new assets which show that personal style does not homogenize reality, but instead includes reality in a creative way, it is affected by her and it keeps forming day by day. Because form and content cannot be distanced, they discourse with each other in order to give birth to “living things” that have their own hypostasis.

The focal point is always the Modern Human∙ around (and inside of) him, an array of things-symbols, which all of them restrict and define him. The depiction is not frontal and the mood is not portrayal, as here it is important to find the function of Human inside of what he is struggling to accept as his natural environment: the boxes that have already been defined for him, before he was born, and by Others (society, family, religion, science and technology), their edges not clearly defined and the “dangerous” space outside of them.

As the artist claims, “my painting procedure does not follow a title or an all along configured narration. During the stage of creation, I’m letting images and symbols to jump freely out of my thinking and subconscious. When the artwork is done, is when I “read” the symbols that I have captured and which they give meaning to the stories that arise. In a few words, I follow a reverse journey in order to build the artwork, which starts from something that is a little unknown for me”. Inside this world of images and narrative symbols, the viewer comes up against personal and collective agonies which flow out the other, the real (;) world that surrounds us.”.

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