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Eloquence of paper, jewelry

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12 February -10  March,  the fifth presentation of "Eloquence of paper, jewelry" will take place at Autoria Galeria in Porto, Portugal.

 Opening: 15 February, 16:00.

"Eloquence of paper, jewelry" is a collection of Contemporary International Jewelry in which 24 designers participate. Often, paper is classified as an ephemeral material due to its lightness. Too fragile, too strong, perhaps, to carry the art inscribed in it. However, the paper is aware of its own materiality, calling the creators to claim its delicate surface as a means of expression. Wrinkled, folded, dyed, or sewn, paper stimulates our curiosity and facilitates our own inspiration. Although simple, flat, and affordable, it is magnified, enhanced, and transformed with the abundance and moderation of those who manipulate it. There are other materials that, sometimes, are confused with paper and this exhibition gives them an opportunity. It is intended to go beyond the language of paper. This exhibition is not about the paper jewelry itself, but about something that suggests it, regardless of the material and technique used.

Curator: Luis Acosta

Artists: Adriana Del Duca (Italy-Venezuela), Alessandra Fabre Repetto (Italy), Elvira Cibotti (Argentina), Elysha Roberts (USA), Evgenia Zoidaki (Greece), Fanni Király (Hungary), Felix Fiore (Argentina), Francine Schloeth (Switzerland), Fumiko Nakajima (Japan), Ioli Livada (Greece), Iro Kaskani (Cyprus), Krisztina Rigó (Hungary), Maria Carelli (Argentina), Maria Eugenia Ramos (Argentina), María Gracia Salinas (Chile), Miriam Andraus Pappalardo (Brasil), Noémi Gera (Hungary), Patricia Alvarez (Argentina), Patricia Eve Mogni (Argentina), Patricia Trigub (Argentina), Paula Botto Fiora (Argentina), Valeria Poblete (Chile), Verde Alfieri (Italy), Yolanda Sucre (Venezuela)