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Christina Karakalpaki
Rhythmic Exception 3

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Skin on Skin

This bracelet is part of a work in progress, a collaboration with photographer Giannis Giannelos who has created some beautiful black and white photos of ancient temples, grounds and sculptures. I studied the symmetry of the structures, the purity of the lines, the pleating of the clothing and I tried to interpret some of these notions to jewellery forms. 

The bracelet is a 3d form that plays with the contrasting elements of whole and void, of shadow and light. The symmetry is somewhat interrupted by the twisting curves, but the flow continues...

Materials: leather, acrylic

Christina Karakalpaki is a jewelry designer based in Athens, Greece. Her architectural studies have given her the technical and aesthetical knowledge to balance skillfully between large and small scale. She has attended several seminars on jewelry design and fabrication, she has participated in Greek and international exhibitions and her work has been featured in many design magazines. Having been active in the jewelry/design world for about fifteen years, she has established collaborations with museum art shops, local jewelry stores, and galleries.