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Emi Kato
Space - black hole

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Space - black hole
30 x 2cm
Black and White

mysterious dark energy .

how do you show what's not there. It's like a meditation on the unseen structure our universe.

Emi Kato chose her art. She was born in Tokyo and graduated in Interior Design and Scenography at Musashino Art University. She was working as an Interior Designer for Studio Engineering Fuji Co., then she decided to do some research in Italy (1995). Her curiosity to explore and experiment with new material brought her closer to jewellery’s design and specialised in working with various type of metals. But her passion did not stop there.
After attending the course of metal applications and technologies with Maestro Davide De Paoli, a sculptor and jewellery designer, she studied at the Ambrosiano Goldsmith School in Milan. In 2002, she begun to attend the collaboration with Maestro Davide De Paoli and Fiorenza Roveda, an innovative space in Milan that combines art and design.
Since then, she exhibited her creations in various events as in 2010 for the “Fuori Salone”, participated in the event “Voice in Itinere” with twelve other Japanese Artists-designers at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan. In 2013 she collaborated with HIGASHIYA Tokyo in Japan, multifaceted space featuring Japanese tea-room and the Art of pastry-making to theme up the ancient flavours in contrast with her jewellery.
Her collective exhibition throughout the years in Milan is to confront and experiment with materials, themes and forms such as organically resources that inspire the creation of jewels rich in charm from poor and valuable stones.
From 2018 she creates a “touring exhibition” in various creative spaces such as the L’Isa in Milan and 16metriquadri in Udine.