Makis Kyriakopoulos

Makis Kyriakopoulos

Makis Kyiakopoulos was born in Patras. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Greece (Supervisor Pro-fessor Hronis Botsoglou) and then he completed the post-graduate department (MA Digital Arts) of the Athens School of Fine Arts ( He has presented solo shows and has participated in many art projects in Greece and abroad. His artworks can be viewed in private collections. He lives and works in Athens.

Exhibitions - Activities (selected)

2019 05/13.05. Participation in "IBRIDA FESTIVAL", Fabbrica delle Candele. Forliι, Italy.

2019 Participation in "Empty Pr(oe)mises", an online exhibition of EMST (National Museum of contemporary art of Athens, Greece) in collaboration with the “Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC)” and the “Leonardo Electronic Al-manac - MIT Press.and Publication”. Curators: Dr. Lanfranco Aceti, Katerina Koskina.

2018 18.10/13.01.2019. Participation in "6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibi-tion 2018", entitle "Offline Browser", Hong-Gah Museum. Curators: Chia-Wei-HSU, Fong-Ray HSU. Taipei, Taiwan

2018 11.09/15.09. Participation in "STOCKHOLM FRINGE FESTIVAL | STOFF 2018" Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 Participation in "Video Art Festival Miden", "The world is a theater" program, Curator: Gioula Papadopoulou. Kalamata, Greece.

2018 21.06/04.07. Participation in "Summer Collection", "Ospizio Giovani Artisti". Cu-rator: Werther Germondari. Rome, Italy.

2017 Participation in "KODRA 2017". Curators: Kleomenis Kostopoulos, Rena Pitsaki. Kalamargia, Greece.

2016 22/10. Participation in "DEEP TRASH from Outer Space", "Bethnal Green Working Men's Club", CUNTemporary.Curator: Giulia Casalini. London.

2016 12/09. Participation in Bideodromo Festival 2016, INTERNACIONAL EXPERI-MENTAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVA. Bideo, Spain.

2016 Participation in "35X35 ART PROJECT VOL. 2" Copelouzos Family Museum, Curator: Theodoros Kokovidis, Eleni Gatsa. Greece.

2015 8/10-7/11. Solo exhibition entitled «HAVE NO FACES TO SHOW», Cube Gallery. Curator: John Bolis. Patra, Greece.

2014 Participation in "GREECE: TRACES OF TODAY". IMAGO MUNDI, Luciano Benetton Collection. Curator: Polina Kosmadaki, Anastasia Karaggelou. Texts: Christoforos Marinos.

2014 28/11-7/12. Participation in a group exhibition "REMATERIALIZING CULTURE". A.G. Le-ventis Scholars Association. Curators: Margarita Kataga. Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2014 13/06-13/07. Participation in a group exhibition "VANITAS". Patras International Festival. Cu-rators: John Bolis, Eirini Papakonstantinou. Old Public Baths of Patras, Greece.

2014 16/01. Participation in "Digitize", a video selection by Fest Miden [.BOX] Videoart Project Space, Milan, Italy. 2013 13/07-15/07. Participation in `1ο Site Specific Festival` with the installation `Restraint of Livestock 01`, Vyrsodepeseio, Athenas, Greece.

2013 04/07-06/07. Participation in `Video Art Festival Miden`, `Digitize` program, with the video `Warfare Now` Kalamata, Greece.

2012 13/01-11/02. Solo exhibition entitled "in treatment", Cube Gallery, Patras, Greece.

2010 Participation in MIRfestival2010 with the "Interactive Park Provider". An Intevention to the public space of Michalakopoulou st. Park, between Iridanou and Eginitou streets, Athens, Greece.

2010 Participation in group exhibition "INSIDE OUT", Bydgoszcz, Galeria Miejska bwa, Poland. 2009 Participation in group exhibition "WHY CINEMA NOW" 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation.

2009 Participation in group exhibition `CONTAINER`. flourmill Sarantopoulou, Athens, Greece.

2008 15-20/6.. Participation in group exhibition `I Create, therefore I Am`. Curators – Coordinators: Domna Gounari, Areti Leopoulou. Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Greece.

2007 23/6. Action in `D624 project space`, entitle `summertime chat and flirt project. Experimentation on the creation of portraits with P.C, as a new identity for communication in the internet. Athens, Greece.

2006 Participation in the ATTITUDE - video /short and experimental film/photography festival 2006. Bitola, F.Y.R.O.M.

2006 Participation in group exhibition `pro-taseis`, `action field KODRA 06 festival`with P.C installation and Video Projection. Greece. Curators -Coordinators ׃ Sotiris Bachtetzis, Elpida Karaba Anne-Laure Oberson.``

2006 Participation in `XXII International Festival Sarajevo Winter 2006`, as a member of the Greek Ministry of Culture team.

2005 25/8-15/9. Action and installation entitled `The Pop up Project` at `D624 project Space`. Athens, Greece. The `Pop up Project` is a three stage action which included interventions at the web sites of 5 galleries and a video installation. Athens, Greece.

2005 Participation in group exhibition `5 days of video art` in `The factory` of ASFA.

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