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Ana Nadjar
Plastic Bag Ring

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6 x 5cm
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I am a designer from the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. After having worked as a designer and photographer, I decided to go further into my design studies learning about jewelry in Spain. Since then I have my wokshop, and jewelry became my way of living.

In the last 6 years I have been attracted to Contemporary Jewelry. I am a member of Joya Brava and I have done workshops with Sharon Kransen, Ruudt Peters, Jorge Manilla and Jorge Castañon. Their visions of jewelry have brought me closer to a concept distinct from the one I was used to, where emotion and experimentation are the pillars that forge the work. I have been discovering freer and more authentic forms of expression in my creations.

I love making objects that will be carried by others and that will accompany them in their daily lives, generating a channel of communication through them.

I have participated in exhibitions in Chile, Spain, Germany, Poland, United States. In 2016 I was selected artist for Joya Barcelona and in 2018 I was the winner of Mydaybyday promotionship.