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Annie Archimandritou
Life Absence

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48 x 72cm

Direct mosaic using traditionally hand cut tesserae of Thassos island marble, transparent Venetian glass, ceramic tiles, sand, shells, bronze, glass ,  # archimandritou 
mob : +30 6932 433061

She was born and lives in Larisa, Greece. She gratuated from the ATH University in Greece and since then she has been working as a chemical engineer(Master of Science) in the food industry.

Meanwhile she has studied the ancient Venice style mosaic art for two years (2010-2011) at Municipal Gallery of Larissa-Museum G. J. Katsigras. She attended also workshops   on contemporary mosaic and mosaic jewellery in Greece and Italy by Edda Mally, Rosanna Fatorini, Marco Santi , Beatrice Serre και Marco De Luca.

 Nowadays, though, her orientation is contemporary mosaic.

She has participated in many personal and group exhibitions  in Greece and Europe.

Her work has been added to private collections and in City of Athens Museum's- Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation one. 

She is part of the A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE initiative with mosaic jewellery



2015       «Contemporary Mosaic», Dante Fusion Restaurant, Larissa

2015         Diachronic Museum of Larisa 

2016         Contemporary Mosaic», Soulioti Mansion, Agia


2018      «Diachronies», Diachronic Museum of Larisa

2018       AJMIG, Zappeion, Athens

2017       «Multiple 3», Larisa

2016        «Tesserae Route» , Museum of City of Athens

2015        «Mosaics from the world», Ravennna Mosaico, Ravenna  

2015        «Meetings» , Panaitolio Center, Athens

2014        “impressions”, National Gallery of Peireaus

MUSIWA 2014 

2014         Palazzio di Parta Guelga, Φλωρεντία

2015         Palazzio Medici Ricardi, Φλωρεντία

14η International exhibition of Contemporary Mosaic

2014     Center for Architecture of Vienna (AZW)

2014     Glass Museum “Kuchlerhaus”, Vien

1st International Itinarary Exhibition  «Mosaic as contemporary Art»

2014     Βracciano Museo Civico, Bracciano

2014      Museum del Fiume in Nazzano, Ρώμη

2015     Laboratorio urbano MAT, Terlizzi, Bari

2015     Pinacoteca Palazzo de Felice, Grotaglie

2015     Martina Franca

2015     Servicci Publicci and Castello di Acaya

2015     Municipality Gallery of Larisa, Museum G.Katsigras  2nd place in Visitors Vote

2015      Georgio De Chirico, Volos

2017      Melina, Athens

2017     Tellogleion, Thessaloniki -    1η place in Visitors Vote

2017    Nations Bank Serbia, Belgrade

2017      National Gallery, Skopje

2013    Athens Fringe Festival 2013 ,Athens

2012   «Ergani», Larisa   

2012   Municipality Gallery of Larisa, Museum G.Katsigras