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Jorge Manilla
Self Continuity

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Wood, Durvillaea, Antarctica, Copper, Steel.

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With this work I want to question against the backdrop of the finality of human life as well as to address the fact that each body undergoes metamorphoses due to emotional and personal processes. Rather than seeing the human body as a fixed entity I decided to explore one more time the emotional and fragile side, I want to fragment bodies using a non-flesh or skin material and create my wearable objects/sculptures. Doing this work I want to exhibit an almost uncanny realism, so that when the viewer observed it, seems to be subjected to a constant transformation between growth and decay. And offer to the people a kind of monumental, fragile creations with a touch of tenderness that makes you feel that you are in a trip to hell and back where you will discover how ephemeral is the human being.


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