YongoHo Park

YongoHo Park

I think the artwork is a special language to an artist and that makes it possible to communicate with people. As for me, Metal is such a suitable material to express my thoughts and sensibilities so I always try to reflect my inspiration into various metallic materials. Basically, metal looks and feels hard and cold, but on the other hand, it also has different characteristics that are gentle and delicate. Similar to metal’s characteristics, there are a lot of precious things with its intrinsic beauty in nature but people do not really recognize the beauties of nature at a glance. When I get to find out and feel such beauties of nature that are literally ‘hidden’, they fascinate and inspire me so that I can create something to express that beauty as an artist. I would like people to hear what I talk about through my artworks and feel its beauty and sensibility.


YongHo Park is a metal artist applying metal works to painting. He seeks the harmony of these two different categories and tries to make them in good balance. His artworks are differentiated from normal painting in many ways. All of his artworks essentially include metal as a material that is to be combined with various other materials. Therefore, his artworks usually have distinctive matière and three-dimensional effects.

He was born and has lived in Seoul, South Korea and received his BFA degree in terms of Metal Art & Design at Hong-Ik University. He has worked as an interior designer for years in his late 20s. During this time, he has met many clients who look for unique artwork fits their own places. This experience made him realize the significance of the artworks connected to everyday life.

This is why he has started creating his own artworks using the material ‘metal’. Whenever he contemplates the artwork, his major concern is the space that the artwork will get to be placed. Meanwhile, he always tries to break the stereotype that metal is rough and hard. He finds out the hidden beauty of nature and gets inspired by it. As his studio is located near the national arboretum, he often visits the arboretum and enjoys walking in the forest when he got a chance.

While following a trail between dense woods, he feels the gentle breeze and watches seasonal flowers. All these things have been the main subjects and themes of his artworks. Also in the night time, he can see such a delicate moonlight glints through the leaves and it has been the key theme of his Moonlight series. He looks at the things with the eyes of an artist and creates his own expressions with the mind of a designer.

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Moonlit Beach

Mixed media on aluminum and wood panel ..

Moonlight I

Stainless steel and mixed media on wood panel ..

Moonlight II"

Stainless steel on wood panel  ..

Moonlit Blossom

Mixed media on aluminum and wood panel  ..
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