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Makis Kyriakopoulos

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70 x 90cm
Print on plexiglas

Cube Gallery, is an art gallery which is located in Patras (39,Miaouli str.), Greece and it started its exhibition program on December 2010. Creator, Art director and Curator is Liana Zoza.

The concept of Cube Gallery is to present established artists, as well as upcoming, and contemporary art in all its manifestations, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, video art, performances.

Cube Gallery has a schedule of solo and group exhibitions that change every month and are planned long before their realization.

As parallel actions of the gallery, are specific art projects and events hosted in the space. There are activities such as “Fresh Art”, which works as a Cube visual platform began its action in the summer of 2012 and its aim is to present selectively, interesting works of new visual artists that are now beginning to be active in art.

Art projects, as “Art Fare”, an ongoing project involving old and new collaborators who consciously believe that art is addressed to everyone and consider equally important, both its appropriation and the ability to acquire an artwork from everyone. Through “Art Fare” there are interesting works at symbolic prices.

Opening hours:    Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.00 – 15.00  

                 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00 – 15.00 & 18.00 – 21.00

               Sunday closed

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